Industries & Compressed Air Applications


Air Usage Description

Aluminum Smelting Plants Compressed air used on lifting gantry cranes.
Spray Finishing Equipment Compressed air is used to vaporize paint so it can be applied to components and products.
Air Operated Lifting Equipment  Small and compact air hoists can be used for a multitude of lifting operations.
Shot Blasting Blasting and cleaning operations use compressed air to propel grit.
Cooling & Heating Compressed air is used in a vortex tube to create high volumes of cool air for industrial cooling processes. Vortex tubes can also be reverse flowed to produce high temperature air used in heating processes.
Cleaning Compressed air is used for cleaning processes in manufacturing facilities.
Welding Equipment Compressed air is used for cooling.
Robotics Compressed air is used for controlling robotic machines on assembly lines.
Paper Pressing Compressed air is used via cylinders for a variety of pressing applications.
Printing Compressed air used for operation of printing pumps and equipment.
Roller Adjustment Compressed air is used to precisely control the roller thickness which determines the paper thickness.