Air Receiver Inspections

Air Receiever Inspections air compressorsAir receiver inspections are mandatory under Worksafe and OH&S legislation in Australia. We can help you maintain compliance and ensure staff safety allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.

Did you know that all air receivers larger than 100 MPa.L* must be inspected at minimum intervals by law?

  • External air receiver inspection every 2 years
  • Internal air receiver inspection every 4 years

Failure to carry out and document air receiver inspections at the minimum intervals leaves plant owners legally liable in the event of receiver failure causing injury.

Compressed Air Insitu offers a complete air receiver inspections service to ensure you stay compliant with all legislation and importantly ensure all air receivers are safe.

OH&S Regulations

The occupation Health & Safety (Plant) regulations 1995, states that employers have an obligation to ensure that “plant is inspected to the extent necessary to ensure that the risk associated with the use of the plant is monitored.” Worksafe Victoria or NSW does not perform mandatory inspections of plant.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the plant to ensure that the plant is maintained in a safe condition and that these necessary inspections are performed. Advice on pressure vessel inspections can be obtained from AS 3788.

Air Receiver Inspections

We provide air receiver inspections to help you maintain ongoing compliance. We can take the whole process of inspecting, documenting and managing your obligations under OH&S legislation off your hands so you can focus on other responsibilities.

All inspections feature:

  • Inspections in accordance with AS/NZS 3788:2006
  • Safety valve inspections
  • Pressure gauge inspections
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Detailed report issued with every inspection
  • We will notify you when your air receiver(s) are due for inspection

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