Inline Condensate Separators

Compressed Air Insitu is an authorised distributor for Southern Cross Compressors who have an extensive condensate separator range to ensure you get effective condensate removal leading to high quality compressed air that protects components and product from expensive damage leading to higher productivity and reduced maintenance costs.condensate separators

A centrifugal condensate separator will efficiently remove already condensed moisture.

A condensate separator is designed to operate at high flow volumes and remove the bulk of condensate and larger particles from the compressed air. This allows filters and other condensate and particle products to filter out the smaller amounts of condensate and particles leaving you with better quality compressed air.

A Condensate Separator

  • should be installed after the compressed air aftercooler or at the point of use.
  • should be drained to an oil-water separator
  • If you need dryer air then consider installing a refrigerated air dryer.
  • If further condensate removal is critical to your business, we can also supply desiccant air dryers which will achieve the driest air available.

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