About Compressed Air Insitu

Compressed Air Insitu is a proud South Australian based company that look after entire compressed air systems wherever compressed air is used.

We carry out repairs, maintenance and service to all makes and models of compressors and look after the entire compressed air system wherever compressed air is used. Be it from small reciprocating compressors to high pressure high volume diesel driven compressors, we have the experience to sort out your compressed air requirements.

southern cross compressorsCompressed Air Insitu is the Authorised Distributor for Southern Cross Compressors in South Australia.  From its beginning in 1983, Southern Cross Compressors has developed partnerships with many companies establishing one common objective, to ‘lower the cost of compressed air’. With a Head Office conveniently situated in Keysborough, Victoria a branch operation in Wacol, Queensland, and a growing distributor network, Southern Cross is well placed to meet the demands of its extensive customer base.

Acquired by Kaishan Compressor Co in early 2013…., one of the world’s largest compressed air equipment designers and manufacturers, Southern Cross now brings to the Australian market the latest in energy efficient compressed air technology.

Compressed Air Insitu and Southern Cross Compressors focus has always been to offer customers complete systems comprising the most efficient and reliable compressed air equipment combined with high value flexible service programs.

‘Lower cost compressed air’ is achieved through 5 key areas of compressed air capability:

1) Air Audits

Provides information needed to fully understand our customer’s compressed air requirements ensuring we support any recommendations with accurate data enabling informed decision on how best to minimise inefficiencies.

2) Design

Air reticulation systems engineered with the future in mind……air where you need it with minimum pressure drop.

rotary screw air compressors reciprocating

3) Products

Energy efficient products manufactured using the highest quality components delivering industry leading efficiency and outstanding reliability.

4) Installation

Professional, highly experienced installers to ensure equipment and reticulation systems are installed correctly and on time.

5) Service

Flexible service programs to ensure the individual needs of our customers are met, which includes:

  • Routine and Preventative Maintenance5 star 3
  • Rebuilds & Repairs
  • Air End Rebuilding
  • 24/7 Service Availability
  • Air System Audits
  • Air Leak Audits
  • Air Receiver Inspections

Highly skilled technicians, experienced support personnel, sophisticated computer management systems and flexible preventative maintenance programs assure customers the best possible support, back up and response at all times of the day or night. With one of the largest service teams in the industry, we can respond promptly to any compressed air situation.

We understand that customers need a reliable source of good quality compressed air at the lowest possible cost.